5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

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“Nothing works better than just improving your product.” Joel Spolsky.

Web design is the modern piece of art that has always been a target of innovation and creativity. Being web designers, we suggest you not to fear experimenting with your ideas as its your experiments that will bring something new and unique to the table.

Get Started With Your Web Design:
Till this time of the year, you may have gone through many web design trends telling you what’s IN and what’s OUT. Bring ease to your life by implementing these rules vigilantly when redesigning your site to stand out from the crowd.

1. Make your content digestible

Your web content plays the role of litmus paper. If your visitors feel great on your website, they will stay for long on your site. Generally, users spend less than a minute on any webpage, so make quick and clear point in this environment. Make your web content as concise and crisp as possible. Break down your content into bits-headings, subheadings, bulleted lists etc., making it digestible for readers.

2. Guide Visitor’s eye with appropriate layouts

Web design leads the users through your site and for this you must take care of how to guide their journey. The right website layout can give more weight to important pieces of information.

Redesign your site accordingly and for this, the best layout is ‘F composition’ or ‘Z composition’ in both of which top left corner is designated for vital elements. Now you can guide the eye along the path of the letter in composition you choose. Normally, people look at website’s top left corner for your company logo.

3. Balance the design with proper spacing

Padding, line spacing and white spaces are key elements to watch out when designing a website. If your text is crashing or it’s touching other objects or if empty spaces are not in balance to text and graphics, then fix it. It’s a must for a balanced web design and you can maintain balance by adjusting empty spaces and making padding plus line spacing appropriately attuned around graphics and text blocks.

4. Remove vagueness from navigation

Provide users with easy to find segments and use easy navigation throughout your website. Be straightforward and people would love visiting your website time and time again. Remove ambiguities and clearly indicate where user is on the site by changing the state of the buttons/menu on specific pages or use breadcrumbs.

5. Drive in Readable Typography

Font as well as text color and line length should be easy to read for users. From body to background, titles and headings etc., take advantage of typography on your web design. Just make it simple and understandable.

To sum it up:
People today preferably engage with brands instead of products. Employ these important rules correctly for your web design success. Don’t let your web design drag you back or eventually you will be knocked out of the competition. Last but not least, don’t forget the 5 points why a website sucks in our previous post.

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