Bad Scorecard Design To Blame For Steve Harvey’s Awkward Miss Universe Flub

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If you have been following the Miss Universe Pageant, you will know that Steve Harvey has announced the wrong Miss Universe 2015. You can watch the video it at the bottom of this post.

After more information are provided, we realized the problem doesn’t lie with him, but with the design of the scorecard.

What do you see on the scorecard? The winner’s name is the smallest font size of all. Why would someone place the most important information at the bottom right corner with the smallest possible font size?

This card has only 1 purpose, which is to inform the host of the winners and runners-up as quickly as possible. Hence, we can understand why the card doesn’t focus on beautiful graphics and fancy fonts. Also, we feel that the “designer” must be a fan of minimalist and clean design as the content only takes less than 10% of the entire white card!

What the card should’ve looked like

If our design team were to do the design of the scorecard, the first thing we will do is to increase the font size (duh!) and take up most of the white empty spaces.

The second thing will be to rearrange the content so that the reader can understand who’s the winner in a quick glance.

Below is an idea of how we think the card can be better designed:


We keep a similar order to the 3 winners but with different weightage. First of all, we kept the title the same at the top of the card as it is still essential to know that this card is for the year 2015 and it’s for the finals. Next, we work on the most important issue which is the font size. We made the font size so big that you can tell straight away who’s the second runner-up, first runner-up and the Miss Universe 2015 immediately. We also used a larger font for the Miss Universe 2015 to differentiate from the runners-up. The order of the winners is in the same order as that’s the correct sequence of announcing the winners.

This is just one of the infinite designs that work better than the one used by Steve Harvey. The purpose here is to highlight that when it comes to designing a card or poster, we have to take a step back and find out what is the most important information to portray to the readers. It is easy to be obsessed with the fanciful graphics but it might just distract them or be “over-minimalist and clean”. We must always see it from a stranger’s perspective.

Lastly, make sure to check the spelling properly (if you know what we mean).

Watch the video below to see how Steve Harvey made the wrong announcement of the winner of Miss Universe 2015.


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