Benefits of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

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The digital world has evolved rapidly over the last few years and it is clear that digital marketing and social media have a significant impact on our daily actions and even how we do business. So, it is fair to say that any business that is not involved in the digital world is in danger of losing out.

However, whilst we are passionate about everything web design and digital marketing, we do not mean that you should stop any traditional marketing methods that are still working for you. Sometimes, a combination of digital and traditional marketing yield better returns for your business.

Reduced Cost and Flexibility

One obvious benefit is that digital marketing strategy requires lesser cost and the flexibility to update any time throughout the campaign as compared to having physical printed brochures or posters that are not reversible once you have printed out. Even television advertisement or radio broadcast are not able to edit once it has been aired.

Real Time Results

For digital marketing, most of the time, they are very direct and you don’t have to wait weeks for a boost in results. For example, advertising in Google Adwords or Facebook allows you to see the increase in site visitors, subscribers, enquiries, sales and much more at a glance through a free portal called Google Analytics. This allows you to adapt quickly to improve your results.

Simple To Measure

Unlike traditional methods, results are not easy to measure and there are a lot of unknown factors to be taken into consideration. For online business, you can measure your conversion results easily through Google Analytics as well. You are able to track whether your site visitors come from your search engine marketing (SEM) or referral sites and whether they have been converted.

Greater Exposure

With a digital presence, your business can be seen anywhere around the world. You are not restricted to limited offline materials that you can distribute around. Moreover, if you have invested on a SEO campaign to boost your website ranking, you will see a long-term return on your investment and will constantly be getting new leads from your website.

Viral Quickly

With traditional marketing, the way to go viral is for them to pass your sales flyers around or through word-of-mouth. With digital marketing, website links, emails and social media channels allow anyone to easily share with their friends. For example, a facebook user has 200 friends of which an average of 12% see their liked or shared posts, if he or she shared your message on his or her wall, your one message is instantly shared with 24 new prospects!

Greater Engagement

With social media, prospects can easily find out more about your company through product ratings or testimonials on Facebook or Google+. One of the most powerful persuasive methods is through a neutral third party opinion of the company. So, it won’t take long for good publicity to attract your prospects.

Level Playing Field

Traditionally, a small company usually struggles to compete with larger competitors who are able to invest more on marketing. However, in the digital world, a small company is able to compete on par with them by having a solid digital marketing strategy. For example, a small company might still be able to rank very well on Google search engine and garner lots of site visitors by just focusing on the SEO strategy.

In short, we hope that this article provides you with insights about digital marketing and how it can really boost your business significantly.

Let us know if you have any other pointers to add to ours in the comments below!

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