Bite-sized Content For Social Media Marketing

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The new buzzword in social media marketing, ‘bite-sized’ content, promises increased engagement and consumption from audiences amidst shorter attention spans. As a web design Singapore company, we understand how important it is to attract users to your website using ‘bite-sized’ content. Hence, we bring you a guide to ‘bite-sized’ content so that you, too, can learn how to use it.

1. Easily consumable & simple to digest

For a strategy so named ‘bite-sized’, it should come as no surprise that information should be presented with due consideration of its ease for consumption. Less is more, so keep it short and simple. The key is to make an impression without having to explain too much.

Example: Consider Sony’s strategic use of imagery to effectively communicate the distinguishing feature of its Sony Xperia Z waterproof smartphone. Even with no caption, the key message is hard to misunderstand and easy to comprehend. A picture speaks a thousand words, indeed.

Images and short-form media (e.g. memes, gifs, and video clips) are mediums that allow marketers to convey more with less. Use compelling images and interesting video thumbnails to your advantage.

2. Brief, but beneficial

Audiences today are bombarded by competing stimuli begging for their attention. Ensure your post gets the attention it deserves by understanding your audience’s needs and addressing them to add value. This is ultimately the only consistent strategy for long-haul engagement.

Example: Short-form versions of an event or speech are a great way to engage with your audience by summarizing and recapping key highlights that provide value to them.

Part of understanding your audience’s needs includes the depth of content they expect to receive. Following from our earlier analogy of the Sony Xperia Z, a customer simply needs to know that it is waterproof, not the superior technology or exact process behind it. If necessary, a link may be provided with more information for audiences interested in a waterproof smartphone. In this way, think of bite-sized content as a starting point for getting your audience interested in your longer content.

3. Feel free to use good content more than once

Good content is good content. Sharing an old article may be useful to audiences who are new to you, so don’t be afraid to use content more than once. To keep it fresh, consider using it with reference to something current so that its relevance is clear.

Example: Re-sharing an article on home hacks as New Year’s Day looms will be useful to homeowners looking to declutter for a new start to the year.

Re-tweeting, reposting or regramming content generated by your audience is also an easily accessible source of novel content and saves time as well – a win-win!


In short (pun intended), bite-sized content should be succinct, engaging, and tailored to your audience. With social media gaining an increasing presence in our daily lives, using it right can be a powerful means to reach a large, global audience.

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