Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Designing A Website

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Web design is a challenging task. While there are many different design styles, it is always important to keep your potential customers in mind and this requires UX design experience to help you achieve your goals. In most cases, web designers in Singapore are carried away by their creativity and end up producing sites that lack usability. Whether you opt for minimalist design or the latest trends, your website design should still prioritize great usability. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when designing a website:

Bad placement of important content

There is always an established design principle which you should consider when designing a website. It is always important for your logo, ‘about us’ page and contact information to be clearly visible and available to the visitors for easy identification and communication when necessary. Users do not have the time to search or decipher through layers of information just to know who you are. Make it a point to present important and essential information in the best manner possible while you apply creativity to your site.

Treating content as a ‘by the way’

Many web designers do not factor in the content from the beginning. However, you must always remember that content is king and you should consider it as important when planning your project. The content will determine your site’s success, traffic and conversion as well. Provide unique and informative content aimed at providing users with answers for what they are looking for. Many people create content for crawlers and search engines and that marks the beginning of failure. You can only keep users engaged by providing them with relevant content and this way you will improve your site’s conversion rate.

Designing to impress and not for user experience

User experience is far much important than mere aesthetics and this is what every web designer in Singapore should focus on. While it is important to impress, this should not be done at the expense of user-experience. Always ensure that your audience can find what they are looking for without digging the entire website and endless clicking. Users don’t have all the time to scroll and click for long looking for something they know they can get elsewhere.

Excessive use of fonts and colours

Colour and font overuse will only confuse the audience and leave them unimpressed. Use a few colours and fonts to display maturity and stability of your business and only use colourful and multiple fonts for kids theme websites. Avoid using different design elements on each web page as this could annoy and confuse users thus costing you business. Always use simplicity to display your sophistication.

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