Why Designers Always Ask For Meeting Before They Provide Quotation

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As a web design Singapore company ourselves, we always request for a meeting before we provide any official quotation to our clients. However, we also face situations of shoppers who just want to know the price without sharing much details about the project.

The Guessing Game

By not wanting to meet with the web design companies, you are only wasting time playing the guessing game. Web design companies have to guess what features you want through that brief requirements and you have to guess if they are good enough based on the estimated cost which is not accurate at all.

You should be concerned if a web design company doesn’t give you a thorough diagnosis of your business problems. Take for example, your car got damaged from an accident and this car workshop is able to quote you a fixed price based on a photo of the damaged car. Will you be worried that this car workshop might not be fully aware of the damages based on the photo alone? We will. We would want a full assessment of the car to make sure that we are aware of the parts that have been damaged.

Let us give you another scenario to illustrate our point.

Imagine this:

You suspected that you have cancer and decided to call up a few clinics to ask for the cost for an operation to remove the tumor. Guess what the doctors and nurses will say to you?

They will definitely ask you to come down to the clinic so that the doctor can examine you thoroughly before they conclude that you have a cancer. At the very best, they can only give you a price range of the doctor’s consultation fee.

Now put this story in the perspective of getting a website quotation.

Your current website is not getting enough sales for over a year now. So you are suspecting that the website needs to revamp and decided to call up a few web design companies to ask them for the cost for a revamp of your website. Guess what the web designers will say to you?

By now, you should start to see a pattern here. Good web design companies will definitely request a meeting to understand your business problems in depth before they can advise and provide a proper quotation or proposal. The best thing is that the consultation session is usually free!

Respect Designers As Expert Advisors

We think that the main reason why you act differently from getting a prescription from the doctor and getting a quotation from the web design company is that you see web design as a commodity and not viewing them as expert practitioners.

You see web design as a commodity and not viewing them as expert advisors.

A good designer will be able to point out the root cause of your problems and sometimes you really don’t need to revamp your website. You just need to have a better digital marketing strategy to reach out to your potential customers.


Be open and meet up with designers to see how they can value-add and find the root cause of your business problems. One of the advantages the outside expert brings is perspective. And one of the hallmarks of creativity is the ability to see problems differently, and thus find solutions others cannot see.

We cannot be effective and responsible designers if we provide a quotation without a proper meeting.

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