High Traffic But No Sales?

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Every shop owner is delighted to see customers making their way into the shop but this can soon turn into a disappointment if the repeated customers are not buying. This same feeling can be replicated when it comes to digital marketing when all your efforts result in huge and amazing traffic without conversion. This is a common problem with many web owners and could be as a result of poor web design and marketing strategies.

Web Design Matters

The way you present your site is absolutely important and shouldn’t be ignored. Even with great products and services, it is very easy to lose interested customers simply because they are put off by the way your website is designed and presented. Your website acts as the bridge between you and any potential customer, making it the only way to sell your merchandise around the world. A professionally designed website signifies reliability and trust and can make customers buy even without knowing exactly what they are ordering. The first impression created by your website really matters and can either make or break your business. If you are witnessing encouraging traffic levels but unimpressive sales, it could be an opportunity to relook at your website design and this might call for some consultation with a reputable web design company in Singapore. Here are some tips on what to do if you are facing this kind of scenario:

Update Your Website

When potential customers visit your website frequently but did not buy, then something is wrong and making some changes to your site is inevitable. You may need to make your website easier to navigate or make your products more visible. It might also be necessary to make sure that your website is updated as it reflects badly if your last blog or promotion post was dated back in 1996. Also, make sure your ‘store’ is always up-to-date with the latest products.

Check The Loading Time

Customers are impatient people and do not like to waste their time waiting for the website to load. It might therefore be important to work on your website’s loading time and make sure that everything is accessible fast, preferably below 2 seconds. Failure to do this will leave your potential customers bored causing them to check out your competitors’ websites. Avoid adding fanciful animations that will slow down your website but instead keep things simple and functional.

Call To Action

Always make your landing page has a goal to convert your visitors by directing them to either buy your products, sign up for your promotion or contact you. You will need a strong and appealing “call to action” clearly visible throughout your website.

Always consider user experience as the most important factor when designing your website. After all, you are in business to satisfy your customers and in return they will help keep you in business.

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