How To Over-Deliver Client Expectations

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We often see on other web design companies’ websites claiming that they deliver exceptional service to the clients. But how do they define “exceptional”?

Think about this:

You engage a web designer to design a new website for your e-commerce business. You love the design and it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. The e-commerce features work well too and you managed to get online sales from it. Moreover, the entire project is delivered on time with no hidden costs.

Is this “exceptional” service to the client?

We don’t think so. It is just as expected. When you engage a web designer, you expected that he or she will design and develop a great website. You also expect it to be completed with the timeline and budget set during the planning phase. The web designer did exactly what you engaged him or her for.

Just Doing Your Job Vs Exceptional Service

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with “just doing your job”. But there are many companies who are able to “just do their job” and willing to do it cheaper.

We feel that exceptional service is going beyond what is expected of us. It is about delighting our customers and turning them into enthusiastic referral sources and loyal clients who are willing to pay us for the great work done.

Let’s go through a few ways we have tried to deliver more than the client’s expectation.

Create Real Relationship With Our Clients

During our first meeting with a new prospect, we do not just listen to their requirements, we are also there to provide valuable feedback to them. We put in extra effort to educate the prospects about how our industry works so that the prospect can make the most educated decision at the end of the conversation.

We always want our prospects to get the best deal possible and that sometimes, means that we might not get the deal. Just like your friends, you won’t want them to pay more than they should right?

Work With The Clients Even Before The Deal Is Confirmed

We have met many clients who do not know what they want for their website. During the initial discussion, there are many uncertainties on their website requirements and surprisingly, they still insist on getting a quotation based on these uncertainties.

We have to put in the extra effort to help them to come out with a proper sitemap and educate them on the features that they will need. For example, if they need an e-commerce website, we have to make sure that they have the logistics and manpower to handle the sales coming in from the website.

Participate In Your Client’s Events

Another good way to build a good relationship with your clients is to participate in their events, especially if your client is a non-profit organization. You can volunteer your time with them while nurturing the relationship with your clients. As a bonus, you are also helping a worthwhile cause.

However, you might not get so many non-profit organizations as your clients. Some clients might do seminars or attending networking events. If possible, you can show up at those events as well to interact with them outside a business setting. Better still, they might refer some potential leads to you.

If the clients do not have such events for you, you can consider inviting them to your events instead. It shows that you don’t just view them as a revenue source.

Help Clients With Other Services

Most of the time, clients wanted more than just web design services. They might require other services that you do not provide. By understanding more, you might find out that the client requires an accounting software or looking for companies in certain industry.

If you have such contacts, you might want to help your clients to setup a meeting. They might close a big deal because of your referral!

If the contact you gave is your client, he or she might put in some good words for you as well.

How About You?

We believe in developing great relationships with our clients. How about you? Do you deliver exceptional service as well? What other values do you provide to your clients other than your products and services?

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