Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Leads

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Your corporate website is most probably the first impression of how everyone sees your company or brand. This is even more important for us as a web design Singapore company. If your website looks old and outdated, users are going to assume your company products and services are bad and “bounced” off your site. Hence, your website might be the source of why your website is not getting leads for you.

Below are a few possible issues on your website that you might want to look into:

1. Not Mobile Friendly

There are already countless articles out there emphasizing the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. If you want to do well in digital marketing such as search engine marketing (SEM), you definitely need to have a mobile-friendly website as Google will be penalizing your site.

Also, if your website is not mobile friendly, there is a high chance that the content is outdated as well. Why not use this chance to revamp your website?

2. Typos And Grammar Mistakes

Poor grammar and typos can make an otherwise elegant-looking website seem amateurish and sloppy. No matter what your product or service is, everyone expects professionally written content on your corporate website. This gives validation and authenticity to your company brand and makes reading a pleasant experience for your users.

Make sure to proof-read and spell-check everything a few times before going live. If you lack this kind of fine attention to detail, you can always engage a professional copywriter to assist you. Or at the very least, get someone else to read through for you. Two sets of eyes are always better than one.

3. Autoplay Videos And Sound

No one appreciates autoplay sound or music from your website. It is so annoying that even Apple decides to block autoplay on their Safari. Don’t get us wrong, videos aren’t necessarily a bad thing to put on your website, but let users decide if they want to watch it and don’t force them to watch with autoplay.

You do not know how loud the sound will be for your users and where they are. This is intrusive for users who might be listening to music or in a quiet area.

4. Cluttered With Too Much Text

If your products and services need a long paragraph to explain, something is fundamentally broken. You have to assume your users have only a few seconds to determine if they should continue reading the text on your website. Our eyes have trained to avoid reading large chunks of text on the web.

Choose to use lesser words to describe your products and services or use “Read More” links to direct your users to another page if they are interested to read more about it.

5. Hard To Find Contact Details

The company’s office address, email and phone number need to be easy to locate on your website. Not everyone has the patience to fill in a contact form and wait for a reply.

You can either show your contact details on every page (on the header or footer) or has a dedicated “Contact Us” page that is prominent on the main navigation menu. This demonstrates that you always welcome inquiries and have good customer service.

The Takeaway

Your corporate website is a greeting and informative platform. And regardless how big is your company, your customers will always judge you based on your corporate website. So spend some time to revisit your website and make sure you checked all the points mentioned above. You can also get a free site audit by filling in this form!


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