Responsive Web Design is a MUST now

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In this ever changing world of technology, if a business or firm does not keep up with the new trends, then it is lagging behind. There was a time when creating website for the business did not require the inclusion of too many technological features in the design. In this modern times, the websites that are developed using old methods may cause immense damage to a company’s presence. When it comes to web designing, responsive design has become a must instead of a want.

What is Responsive Web Design?

In the simplest sense, it means that you have a website on which the interface has been streamlined for any type of device. When it comes to mobile devices there are two types of web design. The first one is to create 2 versions of your website, one in mobile layout and the other in desktop layout. The second type of web design is responsive in nature. That means it can be viewed on all the platforms, ranging from computers, laptops and tablets to phones. This curtails the fluid layout and develops a systematic website that can be viewed on all devices.

A responsive website can be browsed on any screen. It is screen specific instead of being device specific. Therefore, it looks good on different devices. That means that the customer browsing the website on the phone may be able to enjoy viewing the website in the same way he enjoys viewing it on the desktop computer.

Why is it important?

The usage of mobile devices has been increasing steadily. The concept that a company’s website must be separate from their mobile website has become outdated. In terms of numbers, there are more Google search queries that are carried out on mobile devices than on desktop. Also, Google has started giving higher ranking for mobile-friendly websites. That means for the businesses, running websites on mobiles and android devices is not an additional feature, it is a mandatory one.

First impression may be the crucial factor to convert visitors into potential leads

By having a responsive website, a company can make an exceptional impression on its visitors. When they view a website on their phone, it is the identical website as they see on a desktop computer with all the font size adjusted nicely. That is important because a non-mobile-friendly website will make the website looks off on the mobile and it will annoy the visitors.

If you don’t even have a website, it is time to consider to keep up with the digital world. Like Bill Gates said, “if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

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