How To Tell If A Web Design Company Is Good

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So you’ve shortlisted a couple web design companies after comparing quotes and reviewing their portfolios. It’s now time to actually choose one to work with. In this post, we will like to share 6 attributes that you should look out for to tell if a web design company is actually good.

1. Understanding Of Your Business

A designer is not able to give good advice and recommendations without first understanding what you do and the problems you are facing. The first thing that a good web design company will do is to gather as much information as possible about your business operations by asking the right questions and listen attentively.

2. Process flow

A process flow outlines the way a project is managed and is as crucial to a web design company as systems are to a logistics company. It provides a plan to move forward with, pre-empts problems, and ensures that all relevant parties are clear on the deliverables and respective deadlines, allowing for accountability where it is due. It is a good sign if a web design company has an established process flow that has a proven record of returning results for its clients.

3. Attention to detail

This is a typical measure of a competent designer and for good reason. While it does take a learned eye to spot detail-oriented design, indications of poor attention to detail are easily spotted. One common slip up is where the website is not optimized for mobile experience prior to launch, resulting in misalignment of text or swathes of empty space. On the other hand, a design that has attention paid to detail is consistent site-wide and is crafted with the end user in mind. An example is having texts start at the same place on each page so that users to know where to look each time they land on a new page.

4. Their thought process

Ask your web design company why something was done, and pay attention to the answer. The rationale for the decision will clue you in on their thought process and how they do things. Do they strive for the best in what they do or is good enough adequate for them? Is the way they think things through sound and thorough? Is attention to detail demonstrated?

5. Adding value

You pay a web design company for their knowledge and expertise. For this reason, they should provide value rather than simply follow your instructions. Good web design is not solely determined by how attractive a site looks. Functionality and user experience tops mere aesthetics. As a layperson, what you want for your site may unwittingly compromise site functionality or the user experience, and it is their responsibility to advise you so. Brownie points if alternative suggestions are offered!

6. Responsive

How prompt are their replies? Do they demonstrate the keenness to work together? Are responses crafted with consideration of your specific needs or a copy-and-paste template? 1 to 2 working days from when you send your enquiry is considered a fair amount of time for a web design company to revert.

The Takeaway

While price is an important factor, it may not be an accurate determinant of service quality. Now that we’ve given you the key indicators of a good web design company, you can be more aware of what to look out for to find a good fit for your web design project. Ultimately, which web design company to actually work with depends on what you value and how comfortable you feel actually working with each company.

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