It’s time to get your business online with good UX and SEO

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“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

The process of searching any product online is carried out mostly through a search engine and today 61% of global internet users use online medium for research and among them 44% do it through a search engine. So, this is the digital route that your customer will take in order to reach your website. Make sure you connect the path well. Make sure that Search Engine Optimization & User Experience should work together if you want your business site to be successful. Remember that Poor UX means poor SEO.

Here is your step by step guide to design and optimize your site for best results:

1. High Speed thrills and Low speed kills Over the internet

Nothing frustrates a user than a long waiting time for your website takes to load. In this fast paced world, people do not have extra time to wait until your website loads. The website that takes lesser time to load stands at a high chance of the user coming back to the site again and again. So make sure that you test the site speed and keep your website design simple so that your website loads in minimum time.

2. Internal Link Structure

Internal links are responsible in establishing site architecture. On each page, search engines see content so that they can list pages in their huge keyword-based indices. Also, you have to make sure the links are accessible easily by a typical user so that the spiders is able to crawl through with ease.

3. Measure the analytics consistently

Make sure that you regularly check ranking of your website on Alexa or SERPs so that you know how effective is the change that you implemented. You can also assess individual keyword performance. Do not simply check the results but make sure you document them too so that you have a record. Consistency is very important once you achieve high rankings. Staying at the top calls for regular implementation of keywords in your website as well as your blog.

4. Answer the queries

If you do not have a live chat option on your website (like our website) than make sure you provide them with an alternative email address where they can reach you. Answering the inquiries should be your top most priority so that the users do not change their decision to buy your offering because of lack of knowledge. If there is a complaint made, then make sure that you try your best to make up for it. This is how a business increases its customer’s loyalty.

5. Sales process must be within the website

If you want to convert your visitors on the site to customers, then a very effective way is to incorporate your sales process into your web design. Have a smooth sales process with minimum problem and work towards improving them. As you streamline the process, it will give boost to your sales.

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