Top 4 Irritating Web Design Mistakes That You Have To Stop

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There are a lot of irritating web design mistakes that amateurs make. Most of these mistakes are rather innocent and are done with the good intentions, but they are dangerous web design mistakes that will cause you to lose your visitors.

On a side note, it might be useful to open up another tab in your browser so that you can look over your website while you read this quick checklist. If you find that you are in fact making any of these mistakes we mentioned below, you want to take note of it and let your web designer help you to remedy these issues ASAP.

Let’s dive right in!

Never create frame trap to prevent them from backing out of your website

For whatever reason, there are some business owners and marketers out there decide that it is good approach to prevent visitors from leaving the site after they have landed there.

In some warped world, this gives these business owners a distinct edge and advantage, and if visitors are trapped on that page they’re going to poke around and have a look to see whether or not there’s anything that they like.

In the real world, this is going to infuriate your visitors, and it just might be the best way to make sure that your visitors never come back and blacklist your business because of it. If you have a website with a frame trap, you’re going to need to have that remedied ASAP or you’re going to be in a boatload of trouble.

Never start playing video or music automatically

Another cardinal sin that you’re going to want to stay as far away from as possible is the mistake of automatically playing video or music on a site.

The overwhelming majority of visitors are going to be irritated if they land on your website and it is loading slowly because your videos or music are trying to buffer. Those visitors who left their speakers at maximum volume or had their headphones on will be trying to find the stop button on your website the second they hear music or sound coming out from your webpage.

If it is a must to have audio or video autoplay on load due to some weird rationale of yours, please make sure you have the stop button or your visitors will not hesitate to exit your website. We believe you are a victim of this as well. Visitors like to have the control to decide if they want to listen to your audio or video and you should respect that.

Never open up a bunch of new windows/tabs

We believe that you have been to websites that automatically open up a bunch of new windows which are usually pop-up ads or promotions. Also, some websites open up any internal links on a new tab which are also equally bad.

You don’t want your visitors to keep opening up more and more tabs while browsing your website. It is very frustrating to have to close one by one later on. Visitors will get sick and tired of this nonsense and will exit your website almost immediately.

If your website has many internal links that open on a new tab, be sure to get your web developer to look into it and edit the <a> codes accordingly..

Never go with a cheap and slow server

Speed is absolutely everything when you’re talking about the Internet, and the faster your website loads, the better off you’re going to be.

Some studies suggest that visitors will only wait about three seconds for a website to load before they close the page down and look elsewhere. That means you only have three seconds to load your entire page so that you can get your content in front of them before they jump ship.

You always want to have the fastest server you can afford to make sure that your resources are loading your pages quickly, and that your visitors don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to get on your site. One recommendation is to get a local cloud server if you are only targeting local audience.

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