Web Design Elements That Should Be Optimized To Create A Lasting Impression

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Based on research, it only takes a flash of a second for website users to form an opinion about your site and brand in general when they are surfing the internet. It therefore means that the web design you have will either attract and capture potential buyers or send them scampering looking for alternative products and services elsewhere. As with everything else, your web design has the power to create an impression about you and everything that follows will be largely dependent on the opinion that has been created in the visitor’s mind. To create a positive impression that will translate into business, these following elements should be clearly optimised during your web design stage to create a lasting impression right from the very beginning.

Site navigation

If you want to build trust with your customers, always make sure that the navigation is obvious and simple. obvious and simple navigation simply tells your potential customers that everything in the site is open and there is nothing to hide on the website. The web design navigation should clearly help the visitors know where they are without confusing them. You still can exercise aesthetic creativity but always make sure that the routes are easy to trace and “walk though”.

If you have realised, some sites have breadcrumbs (e.g. Home > Web Design). This is also an indicator to let the visitors know exactly where they are and they can always backtrack accordingly.

Content or copywriting

Your content forms a very important part of the web design. You should tailor your content with customers in mind and with the hope of providing them with accurate information to help meet their needs. Always provide the relevant answers for your customers instead of blasting them with promotions. Remember, content is king and customers are (almost) always right. Tailor your content with the potential customers’ age and persona. Even Google agrees with us.

Single focus point per page

Your web design should have attractive visuals since these will play a very important role in attracting the visitors. Always let your primary visual have a single focus point where customers’ eyes will be directed towards. This calls for proper colour and content management. You should seek a professional UX designer to help optimize your website for better conversion rate.

Social media share buttons

It may seems obvious but they are still many websites without social media share buttons. Spreading through word of mouth is still the best marketing tool and you need to make this easy for your visitors to help you by providing these share buttons on your website. Not only you don’t have to pay them, you also get lots of referral businesses in the long run. In any case, putting the social media share buttons do not hurt you in any way. So, why not?


People are always attracted to the special one that stands out from the rest and design aesthetics can play a very important role in capturing your customers’ imaginations. Always keep your site fresh and up-to-date.

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