5 points why a web design sucks

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Coming up with a wonderful web design requires an infusion of passion along with highly proficient skillset. It is not as easy as a pie. One actually has to work hard and practice so that they are able to master the art of web designing. It is in other words, not everyone’s cup of tea. In order to stand apart and stand out from the crowd, one has to achieve highest standard of excellence that requires genius brains and creativity at its best. A webpage that is designed well speaks for itself. Let’s look at various reasons that highlight on why a web design sucks?


It is very important to make sure that you strike the right balance between elements. There is symmetrical balance which involves elements on both sides carrying the same weight whereas the asymmetrical balance is when elements on both the sides do not carry the same weight. A webpage will surely suck if it has plenty of weight and the other side has very less weight.

Details matter

Focusing on the bigger picture sometimes makes one pay lesser attention to the minor details and that makes a web page quite unattractive. Whenever you come across an amazing page, you will notice that they have spent a lot of time in giving importance to every minor thing and have applied detail on every single element. Lack of detail will only repel the visitor and make him close the browser.

Slow irritating Music

Forget the issue that incorporating music will take more time for your webpage to load, there are other irritating factors as well. How many times has it happened that you open a web page and the music starts playing suddenly? It irritates not only you but if the headphones are not attached to your lap top then everyone near you will get irritated. Not a good idea at all therefore.

Bright colors, A big no

No one likes bright colors that make your eyes cringe. The colors of a webpage must be decided keeping in mind your target audience. A careful research must be done so that you are well aware of the taste of your audience. As a starter do not use pink for a business website or sober colors for a kid’s webpage. Colors that are too bright or striking will not send a good image of your brand other than being repulsive.

Simplicity is the key

If you have a lot of information on the foreground with too much writing and a distracting image in the background then, my friend, your web page simply sucks because it not only confuses the visitor but also distracts him taking more time and energy and the user is most likely to simply never visit your webpage again instead of coming back.
At the end of the day, it is professionalism that takes a lot of research and study to be able to design a webpage that does not suck at all.

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