Why Good Web Design Gets Better Marketing Results

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As a web design firm ourselves, we know the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing website. But it goes much deeper than that. A good web design is more than just an ego boost, it is actually helps in branding and marketing that deliver results.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why design matters:

First Impression Counts


When you visit a website, the first thing you see is most probably the images, colors and typography. If your website looks chaotic, you will most probably leave and look for another one.

Your site needs to stand out from your competitors so that your potential customers will actually contact you from your website.

Lasting Impression Counts Too

After that initial impression of your site, your visitors will definitely be interested to know about your company or business. That’s when your easy-to-use navigation menu comes into play. You want your visitors to be able to find information as quick as possible as they usually have very short attention span.

In addition, providing an impactful color palette and easy to read fonts will definitely help when your visitors are reading your sales pitch. Avoid glaring colors like bright red on your background or text as it will hurt the eyes.

Being Consistent

Your visitors need to be assured that they are still on your website when browsing through to avoid confusion. Stick to a distinct style, color palette and tone throughout your site. Also, your logo and branding should always be clear and integrated into your website and any other social media channels that you might have.

Having the same header and menu throughout your site is also crucial in helping your visitors find the relevant information easily.

Establish Trust

Let’s face it, some of your competitors’ websites aesthetics are probably as good as yours. You need to be able to establish a connection with the visitors. A site that is able to relate easily with the visitors helps a lot. Pleasurable experiences help bring visitors back and encourage them to share with their friends.

You also need to establish trust with the visitors via customers’ reviews or testimonials on your website, past references, media coverage, real-life photos, etc. If you have an active blog where you educate your readers, the visitors will be more inclined to engage your services or products.

A well designed website with all these above elements will be able to easily convert visitors to leads. Remember, good design visually equates to well-reputable company.


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